RubyConfLt 2017

Welcome to the 10th Anniversary
Lithuanian Ruby Conference!

April 1st, 2017
Comfort Hotel
Mindaugo 27, Vilnius

Event language: English

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    Charles Nutter


    JRuby guy, JVM guy. World's only Java Champion and Ruby Hero. He has worked on JRuby for the past eight years and has been a JVM enthusiast since Java 1.0. Charles hopes to make JRuby the best Ruby implementation for high performance, big data, and heavy loads, and to use lessons learned from JRuby to help the JVM and other languages that run on it meet their potential.

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    Aaron Patterson


    Ruby, Rails and Rack Core contributor. Renowned speaker at numerous international events, and author of Nokogiri(XML parser) and Psych(YAML parser) Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove) is one of Ruby's most respected and loved programmers. He has improved ActiveRecord substantively in usability and performance and is also on the Ruby and Rails security teams.

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    Harisankar P S


    Harisankar P S has been building SaaS application and API's using Ruby and Rails framework & PostgreSQL databases for the past 5 years. He is a Free-Thinker and believes that there is more that mankind could achieve in this century. Harisankar is CEO of Red Panthers, active organizer of events around open source technologies in and around Kochi and also an active open source contributor.

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    Vladimir Dementyev


    A mathematician found his happiness in programming Ruby and Erlang, contributing to open source, mentoring Rails devs and being an Evil Martian.

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    Jan Krutisch


    Jan Krutisch is Chief Pizza Officer at Depfu, your friendly dependency update robot factory. He's been infected by the Rails bug ever since the 15 minute blog video and while he’s been dabbling in a lot of things over the years, Ruby continues to be his happy place.

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    Aleksander Simonov


    Alexander Simonov has 15 years of experience in IT industry, 8 of them in programming on Ruby. As well as being an expert in high-load systems, API services and database optimizations he is also a core contributor and maintainer of rubyzip, roo, amoeba, capistrano-runit. On top of that Alex is a CEO of Amoniac OU and regular speaker at Ukrainian Ruby conferences.

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    Maxim Gordienok


    Maxim Gordienok is experienced teacher and Ruby on Rails developer. He has background in math, data analysis, machine learning, and logistics. Also, he is startup evangelist, musician, and yachtsman.

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